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COVID-19 has required many Marin County employers to shift to remote work arrangements in order to keep employees and the community healthy. Typically, a successful work from home program requires planning, assessment, policy creation and training for employees, but the current public health crisis has required that employers forgo these steps and create makeshift programs quickly.

The Marin Commutes Remote Work Employer Resource Kit has useful information and tools to help you develop the policies and procedures needed to create a successful work from home program. Whether you are planning to have all employees return to the office post pandemic, are considering a hybrid model, or leaning towards creating a 100% remote workplace, formalizing current work from home arrangements and creating internal processes can improve the experience for all.

  • Provide Tools: Give your employees the tools and technical support they need to be productive. Touch base with your employees periodically to determine if there are areas that need improvement.
  • Be Flexible: Home situations differ. Many are navigating a variety of new challenges during the workday. Be open to adjusting schedules when needed.
  • Communicate Often: When working remotely it is important that expectations are clearly communicated. Check in periodically and provide feedback and guidance to employees.
  • Create Connection: Many people feel isolated at this time.  Consider creating virtual water cooler type moments for employees to connect and encourage managers to periodically check in with employees to talk through the challenges they are experiencing.
  • Share Tips: Share these tips for remote workers with your employees!


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