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Get the Most Out of Your Clipper Card

Make all your transit trips seamless! Clipper card offers a convenient and secure option to access transit services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area (including Marin Transit) by using one single card.

You can set up your card to reload automatically or load value only when you need it. Plus, many transit providers offer discounts only available to Clipper card users!

Learn more about Clipper card discount programs below, or visit the Clipper website to sign up today.

Youth (ages 5 to 18) and seniors (65 and older) can access discounted passes from Clipper.

Riders under age 65 with qualifying disabilities can apply for a Regional Transportation Connection (RTC) Discount ID card, which works like a Clipper card.

Disabled travelers can use the card as proof of eligibility to receive discount fares on bus, rail, and ferry systems.

Clipper START is a pilot program initiated by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) that uses the Clipper transit fare payment system to reduce the cost of transportation for low-income adults.

To qualify, a person must be a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, be 19-64 years old, not have an RTC Clipper Card for people with disabilities, and have a household income of 200% of the federal poverty level or less.

SMART has a discounted 31-day pass available for purchase through a Clipper card. The pass providers UNLIMITED rides for 31 consecutive days from the date of first use.

Golden Gate Transit offers a discount off the adult cash fare when using a Clipper card for inter-county travel (20% discount) or when traveling within Marin County (10% discount).

Marin Transit has a 10% discount off the adult cash fare for travel within Marin County for riders who use a Clipper card.