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Walk and Bike

Bicycling and walking are fun, active, and affordable ways to get around. Whether you’re interested in bicycling or walking for commuting, errands, fun, or leisure, the information and resources provided on this page will help you make the most of bicycling or walking in Marin County.

Tips for Bicycling or Walking in Marin County

  • Choose Your Mode: Use Google Maps to determine how far away your destination is. If it’s one mile or less, walking is often a great option. More than a mile? Consider riding a bike!
  • Find Your Route: Plan your route ahead of time and consider testing new commutes on the weekend so that you can get comfortable with the ride.
  • Be Prepared: Take a look at the weather forecast to figure out what clothes to wear or bring. Consider wearing something bright, reflective, and easy to see. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the road and do the “ABC Quick Check” to make sure your bike is ready to ride.

Additional Resources

  • California E-Bike Incentive Project (COMING SOON) – The program will provide up to $2,000 of incentives to income-qualified Californians to support the purchase of a new electric bicycle (e-bike). Learn more from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).
  • Bike Link Card – The BikeLink card gives you access to secure lockers for storing conventional bicycles, electric bikes, and scooters throughout the Bay Area, including at SMART stations throughout the North Bay.
  • Marin County Bicycle Coalition – Click the ‘Resources’ tab for tips, maps, and more.
  • 511 SF Bay Biking Page – Check out resources for biking to work or school, plus information on bike access and maintenance.
  • Safe Routes to Schools Marin – Learn more about healthy commutes for your kids and get connected with other families.
  • Spare the Air Youth – Review the extensive resources for biking and walking from this regional program that encourages youth and their families to walk, bicycle, carpool, and take transit.
  • Bikes on Transit – Buses, ferries, and the SMART train all allow bicycles on board. For more information, visit our Take Transit page for links to each service provider’s website.


I have been riding my bike from my house to the Novato Downtown Smart Station (15 Minutes) and from the Civic Center Smart Station to my office (10 Minutes) every weekday for 8 months. I love the extra boost of energy from riding my bike and also the boost of peace from relaxing in the train and avoiding traffic.

– Jose R.

It can be tough to motivate for a cold, dark wintertime bike commute but these sunrise explosions across an endless sky make it all worthwhile.

– Hilary N.

Catching the bridge during sunset from the west side bike side is one of the best parts of commuting between Marin and San Francisco. It also forces me to not stay too late at the office and get home to my family.

– Chris C.

I bike every day along the Corte Madera Creek bike path. You can see Mt Tam very clearly on much of the route, and sometimes I see incredible sunsets.

– Odin P.