Share a Ride

Sharing rides has never been easier. Drivers and passengers enjoy convenient options to carpool or vanpool, make community connections, and commute sustainably.


Carpooling not only saves time and money but also reduces air pollution and tackles climate change. The Marin Commutes Rewards platform is your go-to for finding carpool partners, calculating savings (both financial and in carbon emissions), and even winning prizes.


Vanpooling is an ideal solution for those with longer commutes and fixed schedules, saving on costs and vehicle wear while offering a relaxed commute. It suits groups of seven to fifteen people. To start or join a vanpool, explore the Bay Area Vanpool Program for available seats or call 511 and say “Rideshare” for guidance. You may also be eligible for TAM’s $3,600 vanpooling incentive.

Additional Resources

  • Park & Ride Lots – Need to meet up with a carpool or vanpool? Park your car for free and connect with a carpool going your way.
  • High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Access – Carpools with at least two or three passengers (depending on the stretch of highway) can access HOV lanes for free and may receive discounts on Bay Area bridge tolls.